COVID-19 Pandemic: Plateau State Government One Week Lockdown Decision, Pros and Cons
COVID-19 Pandemic: Plateau State Government One Week Lockdown Decision, Pros and Cons

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Since the global outbreak of the Coronavirus which initially started in Wuhan, China in December, 2019 and later spread sporadically to over 180 Countries leaving just less than 10 Countries, Nations all over the World are working round the clock to prevent and contain the dreaded novel Covid-19.
Economic, social, political, cultural and religious activities have been adversely affected globally.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared COVID-19 a global emergency and a threat to global public health on account of its devastating impact and contagious level.

With over 1.4 million total confirmed cases and over 82,000 deaths recorded globally, the world is battling to overcome the monstrous virus.

In Nigeria, all States have and are still putting in place stringent and proactive measures to either prevent or contain the ugly scourge with total confirmed cases at 254 and 6 deaths recorded nationally. From available records, 44 persons who were infected by the virus have recovered.

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Plateau State though without any confirmed case is not left out as workable and workable measures are being rolled out with prevailing realities.

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One of the latest measures already operational though with various reports of infractions and contravention is the closure of all border entry points into the State by the State Government with effect from Thursday 2nd April, 2020.

There were genuine reports of people contravening the border entry points order by the State Government.

Citizens on account of the economic hardships being faced have aided the influx of persons from States with confirmed cases through alternative routes on motorcycles and other means of transportation thereby circumventing the checkpoints at border entry points.

There were also reports of motorists and passengers bribing those at the checkpoints to gain access into the State.

Considering the risk potent by the influx of persons from other States with confirmed cases without any form of examination, many think it wise for a total lockdown to curtail any possible spread that may emanate from suspected carriers.

The decision of the State government for a total lockdown with effect from Thursday Midnight 9th April, 2020 was greeted with criticisms even from persons who felt it was long overdue citing the timing as wrong being the Easter period.

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The Easter period will see influx of thousands into the State from other States since alternative routes are being used and people can buy their ways into the State through illegal means.

Such persons maybe coming from States with confirmed cases of Covid-19 and ascertaining their statuses (positive or negative) maybe impossible and possible spread maybe inevitable.

While some feel the timing is wrong, the influx and possible spread angle is being considered to avoid innocent citizens in the State contracting the virus from those who may have it considering how contagious and easily spread the virus is.

Others who think the lockdown is well thought and timely but not well managed spoke on absence of welfare palliative to cushion the effect of the hardships the people may face considering the closure of most economic activities for almost two weeks with the exception of few such as food and pharmaceuticals which they feel people may not have the financial capacity to cope with the period of lockdown.

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They said hunger crisis and malnutrition are imminent among the poor population.

To them, they were of the thought that government could had provided food items and other COVID-19 preventive materials before the decision to lockdown the State completely for a week.

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Another cross section welcomed the decision of the government to lockdown the State but frowned at the decision to fumigate the State. To them, fumigation is waste of financial resources. They are of the view that government should put the resources to be use in fumigating the State to procure food items and share to the less privileged.

To this section, they believe the decision is apt as it will enhance safety and engender greater prevention.

These are the few battles the citizens and government must be ready to address.

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