As simple as dressing up might seem, it can be a hard nut to crack sometimes, especially if your aim is beyond covering up your nakedness. A stylish woman doesn’t wear clothes just to cover up. Clothes are part of her artistry. While she taps into her innate prowess to create her own style, she makes it a seamless process by imbibing classic dressing tips for ladies that have worked for ages.
She’s used to the stares when she walks into the room because she’s always on fleek. They wonder how she manages to get it right all the time. The House of Kuku has the secret sauce.

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5 classic fashion tips for women
Highlight your best features
Your fashion game is half complete once you are able to identify your best features, and highlight them. Nobody has it all, not even the best models in the world. You need to make your unflattering features less visible, and focus on the flattering ones.
If you feel your legs are too skinny, don’t bare them. Avoid skinny trousers and skirts. Wear the ones that have little space between your legs and the fabric to create an illusion of body weight.

Dress age appropriate
With several fashion styles in vogue, it’s tempting to jump on the train. Fashion is all inclusive; it doesn’t discriminate. However, it’s important that you dress according to your age, so you don’t want to pass the wrong message to people.
Here’s how to go about it.
When you identify a particular style you like that doesn’t seem age appropriate, tweak it to your taste. For example, if you are older, and you want to wear a crop top, leaving your tummy bare might not be so cool. You can wear a skirt or trouser that’s high-waisted to meet the crop top. You can also wear a longer shirt inside, and wear the crop top on it, if you want to wear a low-waisted skirt or trouser. You should also consider stocking your wardrobe with age appropriate wears.
Make the perfect bra your best friend
If there’s one clothing item you shouldn’t joke with, it’s your bra. The sitting of your breasts affects the fitting of your clothes.
The idea is to ensure that your ‘badboys’ are well positioned. You don’t want them all over the place. Use bras that stay halfway between your shoulders and elbows. Ensure that the bra has the right amount of firmness.

Don’t be too matchy with colours
There’s the misconception that looking good is about matching every colour. Yes, your colours shouldn’t be all over the place, but they shouldn’t be overly matched either. Rather than aim to match colours, aim to complement them.
For example, wearing red shoes on a red dress will be too matchy. Don’t you think you’d look better complementing the red dress with black shoes?

Avoid showing too much skin
Showing off some skin isn’t a bad idea. If you’ve got a good body, you should flaunt it. But there’s a rule to this. If you want to show some skin, do so one place at a time. Don’t put all your body on display.
If you are wearing a dress that bares your cleavage, you don’t need to bare your thighs by having the dress too short. With your cleavage and thighs on display, you may come across as tacky. A very short skirt is better off flared. It’s less tasteful if it’s too short and too tight at the same time.

There’s a certain confidence that comes with looking good. These classic dressing tips for ladies are evergreen. Regardless of the time or place, they are suitable. Don’t you think so?

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