Christmas is just around the corner. Early preparations are a great way to ride through the festivities with little or no hitches. As you prepare for all the fun stuff, there is one area you need to pay attention to. And that’s your dressing. You don’t plan to show up at those festive events looking out of place, do you? Fashion 101 states that, if you must show up, you must make an impression with your style. You don’t have to rack you brains for that. House of Kuku brings you some nice Christmas dressing up ideas for women.

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5 Christmas dressing tips for women

  1. Cover up

Every occasion has its dressing memo. Christmas is no exception. The reason for the season is to celebrate the birth of Christ. This should reflect in your dressing.  As much as you want to make a ‘kill’ with your look, baring too much skin is off the mark. You don’t want to look like an unbeliever, do you? Aim to make that impression in a decent way. Trust me, you can still make heads turn without putting your body on full display.

  • Wear bright colors

Have you seen the Christmas decorations all over town? Make the lights shine brighter with your colorful addition. This isn’t the time to look somber. It’s a season of merriment. Pick outfits with colors shouting off the roof top like red, yellow, blue, pink and white among others. If anyone asks, tell them it’s in the spirit of Christmas.

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  • Make a combo

You could throw on that little cute red dress to a Christmas Carol, and you’ll be just fine. But, that shouldn’t be your modus operandi throughout the season. Sometimes, let the fashionista in you be seen by combining different pieces. Try a 2-step or 3-step combo. How about rocking your favorite black jeans, white tank top and red jacket? You look laidback, simple and stylish, fitting perfectly into the mood of the season.

  • Carry a handbag

This isn’t the best time to leave your house without a handbag. As part of the celebrations, people will be doing a lot of giving. You’ll most likely be gifted little items at your event. You don’t want to hold them in your hands all through.

With a fancy sizeable bag in your hand, anything portable goes right into it. Perhaps you want to give out something too, you can safely keep it in your bag until you need it.

  • Don’t underestimate any events

You get invited to a Christmas party. For some reason, you think it’s going to be just another get-together, and you show up like you were going for a walk down the streets. Everyone else looks all dressed up. You don’t need a soothsayer to tell you that you look out of place.

Save yourself from this awkwardness situation. Ask questions about any events you are invited to. If you aren’t sure, stick to the golden fashion rule: it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed. You don’t want to look like the errand girl catering to the VIP guests.

Christmas comes with lots of love, joy and laughter. Be international about experiencing all the goodness it offers. Let your heart be as beautiful as your appearance. As you make a statement with these Christmas dressing ideas, also make a good impression on people.

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