Catholic Priest Sends Back Members Without PVCs (Video)

A Catholic Priest has reportedly sent members of his church back to their houses for not having a permanent voters card.

As he spoke to the congregation at the Cathedralโ€™s entrance, the Catholic priest said, โ€œFrom today, if you are coming for mass, carry your PVC, if you donโ€™t have your PVC, donโ€™t bother comingโ€.

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โ€œBecause there is no point in having Christians fill the church, but during the election, we have only a handful of them go out to vote.โ€


โ€œSo, it means our number, our population means nothing. We want Christians to take their responsibility and their role seriously.โ€

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The priest then told those who had their PVC to enter the church and those who did not have one to return home.


The location where the incident took place was not verified but social media users declared the church is in Northern Nigeria.

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