In the past, Davido has spoken against artists tweaking their music to make it Grammy-worthy.

His opinion on that is that artists should just do what theyโ€™re good at and if they win Headies, then that should be enough. He even went as far as terming Burna Boyโ€™s style โ€œLion King music,โ€ a derogation the industry will not soon forget.

Butย Davidoย is this guy that we all know can be versatile. He has done many styles (afro, hip-hop, trap, dancehall) and has done them beautifully. So, a guy like that, I wonโ€™t be surprised if one day he actually comes and start doing Lion King music.

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Apparently, I may not even have to wait too long to seeย Davidoย start doing some conscious thing. As evidenced by the snippet of his upcoming single, which will be the first from his forthcoming studio album. The song features The Samples (Kanye Westโ€˜s Sunday Service Choir) and yes, among other things, itโ€™s going to be a conscious one.

So what is that? Isย Davido finally seeing the light that the Grammyโ€™s and other international recognitions are not out of reach for him? I mean, recently he was on the FIFA Soundtrack and if he could swing that, how hard can the other things be?

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The thing is,ย Davidoย is not lazy. Not at all. Heโ€™s one of the most hardworking guys in the industry and if he sets his eye on a prize, best believe heโ€™s going to get it. That Billboard Hot 100 entry is coming home for sure!

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But what about the Grammyโ€™s? Will Davido ever have success at the Academy Awards? Seeing asย Burna Boyย andย WizKidย have had success on that same stage, it might not be impossible. Butย Davidoย is notย Wizkid. His sound has always been local and heโ€™s not a lyrical genius likeย Burna Boyย either. So is that something heโ€™s ever going to be able to pull off?

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In my opinion, I donโ€™t think so. I thinkย Davidoย is far from his peak already and now he can continue to make good music, but he should give up all hopes of ever winning a Grammy.

Anyway, what do yโ€™all think?

Do You Think Davido Can Ever Win A Grammy?

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