BREAKING!! U.S CIA Warns Nigeria Of A Massive In Flock And Invasion Of Alien From Chad, Niger Cameroon And Sudan For Electorial Malpractices
U.S. CIA: Over the past few weeks we have recorded within the Chad Niger area a massive movement of mercenary and weapons from our finding we discovered that majority of the thugs and mercenary including the possession of light and heavy weapons where all contracted by personnels in the present Nigerian governments to move into Nigeria for the purpose of aiding electoral malpractices.

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   We have also opened a satelite watch have been able to record a steady mass movement of thugs and other people to the Northern part of Nigeria. The number of aliens are from the nearby countries sharing boundries with the Nigerian states in the North. They are Chad, Niger and Sudan. 60 to 65% are from Niger, 20-25% are from Chad and the rest 10-15% are from Sudan.

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The CIA hereby warns Nigerian governments including the INEC to take note and avert any ill-practices that will lead to disaster and loss of lives including the peoples mandate towards their choices and preferences for leadership. The United States will not accept any action of electoral malpractices geared towards denying the people a credible votes and election.

     The United States will not hesitate to impose a sanction and visa denial to any perpetrator of any threat to democracy in Nigeria. The United States will monitor vehemently the elections and its outcomes and the people’s mandate must be respected.

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