BREAKING LIMITS by Lawunna Yilwada

Lawunna Yilwada also known as Lyrical truth is a poet, he is one of the Nigerians who cares about the wasted potentials in our youths today and urges every youth to wake up before it gets too late.
We are limited in areas we don’t want to be limited in, we try to feed our devotion and hug our obsession. But in seeing that we meet up with these limits and break them, we lose a lot of poeple, love, family and to some extend God… We hope to break limits, create a climax only meant for us, climb minds and be in heads, be the names in people’s mouth and the biggest character in our story of life. So breaking limits doesn’t fit with lying down on bed and seeing things work for you, but working and later sleeping, every second you pull towards breaking limits should be fruitful, though it comes with distress and discomfort, unease and sweaty brows, that’s when you know you are breaking limits. Accepts your errs, set backs, failures, mistakes, foolishness and learn from them, not to make you slack but to revive you, cause from within you is the power to break limits. Put your trust in God, but it doesn’t guarantee you breaking limits, God never supports those who love thier comfort zone, when you rise to break limits, you will see the hands of God, his mighty hands making ways when it looks long and filled with hurdles. You might fall in your choice to break limits but you have to rise, to pick up the broken pieces of your imperfection, cause its not easy, as a great man once said,”ease is a greater threat to success, fall down seven rise up eight” Denzel Washington. When your peers are heading to the jungle, to bars, to clubs, and places uncalled for at the wrong time, spending and not earning with unholy alliances, pick up whatever you need for the journey, let’s meet at the top.
About the author: Turna Lumi
Joshua Turna Lumi (Lumidy) is a Nigerian blogger, writer, entrepreneur and Actor. He is known for his blog.
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Turna Lumi

Joshua Turna Lumi (Lumidy) is a Nigerian blogger, writer, entrepreneur and Actor. He is known for his blog.

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