BE HONEST!! If Davido Quits Music For Politics, Will He Be Successful?

Davido is one of those artists that’s always busy.

Even when he’s taking time off, he’s still working. Making moves, collaborating, making things happen. That’s the kind of guy OBO is and has been for many years.

That’s why although he hasn’t had a project since 2020’s “A Better Time,” he’s still one of the top boys in the industry today alongside prolific artists like Kizz Daniel and Burna Boy. Project or no project, Davido is always working.

He’s been on quite enough hits in the past year and it’s only right that he starts making his own moves. So, he came back this year with a new single (“Stand Strong”) and the promise of another album.

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The past couple of months, though, he’s been busy with another enterprise. Earlier this month, he campaigned with his uncle, Senator Ademola Adeleke, in Osun State and was active until the elections. The Senator, who lost in a run-off in 2019, is now the Governor-Elect of the state.

A talking point since the elections has been how hard Davido went for his uncle’s election campaign. He attended rallies, did free shows, and was everywhere for the man. He even went hard on Twitter, often cursing out opponents who trolled him and so on. With that high energy, it’s a fact that Davido has what it takes to be a politician in him.

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He’s a big artist and he is family to a soon-to-be Governor who is well rooted in the local politics. So could this be a possible future career path for Davido?

Let’s say he joins the PDP today and decides to run for a House of Representatives or a State Assembly office, will he, unlike many other entertainers who have tried, have success? Does he have the popularity that can help him win elections? Because either he does or he doesn’t.

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I’ll leave that up to y’all to discuss. So tell us what you think.

If Davido Quits Music For Politics, Do You Think He Will Be Successful?

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