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My 24/7 fresh breath secret
I recall a few weeks ago when a famous Nigerian actress took to twitter to recall her experience with another actor on set when they got to the kiss scene. She complained bitterly about it but didn’t escape without the backlash from the twitter community where it was exposed that she was also nuisance on set. Long story short, perhaps it would have been lovely if she’d kept her male counterpart’s identity secret. Perhaps this said Mr. bad breath thought he had his breath spot on, either ways one thing’s for sure and that is we all don’t appreciate bad breath.

Here’s how to know if you have bad breath
Do a quick breath test – how? Breath with your mouth into your cusped hands and check, alternatively you could suck on your finger (please wash your hands so you don’t get in more trouble than you need to be), do a rain check on that sucked finger.
What causes bad breath
Well, an obvious reason is not cleaning your mouth as often as needed. Skipping days on brushing is a big red flag.
Food. Some meals can give you bad breath for example, onions.
Or maybe you have a mouth infection. Get this checked as soon as you can if you suspect you do, things go sour real quick especially as this is a major route to your insides.
What to do if you have bad breath and how to prevent bad breath
Mints are your best friends here. Seek something minty ASAP. It helps if you rinse your mouth a couple of times with water if that’s all that’s available at the moment before using the available mint source.
Another great relieve is cucumber. This fruit is especially helpful with Suya. Yes, don’t let them skip the cucumber if it’s available. This fruit works wonders and is a quick bad breath fix. You just might never know when this would come in handy.
Chew gum. Aim for the ones that have some mint in them. Chewing gum for an excessive period isn’t healthy for your teeth so be sure to get them clean when you can instead of just munching on the gum.
If you have access to a brush and toothpaste, just do it. just brush your teeth. (lol) no kidding here, it would go a long way.
The tongue is mostly responsible for bad breath. Be sure to clean that muscle thoroughly and rinse your mouth sufficiently to get rid of particles that don’t belong in your mouth.

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  2. I’m really good at spotting bad breath and it doesn’t take me anything to let the person know of my observation about their breathe. And that’s y i always buy sweet for friends who talk a lot with bad breathe

  3. another way of spotting bad breath is by breathing into an handkerchief and smelling it. if you pass out…………………………………………..well


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