Yes, a breed of undateable men exists โ€“ guys that womenย wouldnโ€™tย even want their enemies to date.

Some men have that natural charm and women tend to flock to them when given a chance. But there are some whom a woman would never want to be in proximity with. Heโ€™s the guy who can be the reason behind a drastic change in moods. While youโ€™re wondering the kind of man you should hide from, hereโ€™s our checklist of men you should avoid.

1. Mr. Volatile

One moment, everyoneโ€™s eyeing this extra caring, super-hot boyfriend of yours while the next, heโ€™s just indifferent and youโ€™re left wondering WTH just happened. We wonโ€™t call this man one with mood swings because that is acceptable, considering how often we PMS. But heโ€™s the kind of a man who is so volatile, youโ€™ll have all the answers, yet be clueless about his weirdย behavior.

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2. The โ€˜I-me-myselfโ€™ guy

Go to a restaurant with him, heโ€™ll be kind enough to let you check the menu, but will choose what he wants. Talk to him over the phone, youโ€™ll find conversations start with how his day was and ends with the goals of his life. And while youโ€™re thinking of a beach destination for that annual relaxation holiday, youโ€™ll end up going to a desert just because he wants a camel ride. Heโ€™s selfish. Stay with him to be unhappy for the rest of your life.

3. The โ€˜Aww-Iโ€™m-just-a-kidโ€™ man

This guy justย hasnโ€™tย grown up. Heโ€™s so happy extending his childhood days that he will mistake you for his momma. If youโ€™re willing to tie his shoelace, select clothes for that everyday outing of his, cook for him and feed him, among doing his other chores, we will say, go for him.

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4. The sleaze-ball

He flirts with every woman on the planet โ€“ his receptionist, the waitress, the woman who comes to take out garbage, the stranger at the super market and even your best friend. His history can make you uncomfortable and you just know heโ€™s not the kind whoโ€™ll be serious with anyone. Avoid this man whoโ€™s only about sex, sex and just sex, unless youโ€™re looking for someone to play with too.

5. โ€˜I-need-you-so-muchโ€™ fella

This Mr Clingy is a total no-no to be with. Heโ€™s so insecure and doubtful about things in life, all heโ€™s looking for is reassurance. And hereโ€™s what he comes with: a truck full of emotions. Trust us, youย wouldnโ€™tย want to be a shoulder to this man, who goes sob, sniff, sob every single minute when heโ€™s with you.

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6. The predictable guy

This oneโ€™s as predictable as a bimonthly auto rickshaw fare hike in Delhi. You just know what heโ€™s thinking or is about to do. Yes, weโ€™re talking about (yawn) the guy who has just no surprises to offer you, because well, not only is he predictable, but heโ€™s way too boring, so much so that we know for certain youโ€™ll gauge him in just a month.

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