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5 Artistes Who Are So Wack It Made Them Famous

Back in the days, for one to be a trending and popular musician one had to churn out the best lyrics and dope bars but fast forward to the 21st century, people are becoming A-list (ok not A-list, maybe B list) celebrities for dishing out crappy songs and are even celebrated for the mediocrity.

Below are 5 popular artists who rose to fame because their music was really bad.


She broke into the Nigerian music scene with her absurd hit track ‘Nigerian pu$$y’ which was very unusual and controversial. It was very raw with explicit words and it got everyone talking. From the Nigerians who insulted her to the Ghanaians who disagreed with the statement, everyone who frequently uses the social media knows the sultry rapper called Princess Vitarah. But on a low, she has some dope bars.

2. VIC O

He’s the king of wack rappers. His debut video after party was so dead that it made him infamous. Everyone kept wondering how someone could make a track and a video so bad. Since his fame, he’s been a nuisance on our timeline challenging Drake and Meek Mill to rap battles. He even shaded Falz one time and calls Kemi Adetiba his baby Mama.

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Before he sang ‘Fvck me too hard’ that blew him in Nigeria, he was already big in Ghana and he was in a rap duo called fvckin bois and in all honesty they are dope rappers. The only issue is that they act like clowns and for that reason people don’t tend to take them seriously. They even did a track called ‘Thank God we’re not a Nigerians’.


The biggest joke of 2017 (after Bobrisky of course), he’s always on our timelines spewing the weakest bars and holding concerts with maybe one or two fans in attendance. What made him popular was his song Bang de dedeng and also his God ego with mad confidence which actually makes him believe he’s the best rapper outchea.


He’s an Og wack artists. Back in 2010 he released a track called lion king and backed it up with a crappy video. It’s safe to say the song and video are the most cringe worthy tracks every because watching it makes one very uncomfortable.

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