There has been so much fuss on the internet concerning Naira Marley’s currently trending dance; “Soapy,” with many mixed reactions going the way of the singer and the dance. Many listeners and followers of music have termed the dance a ridiculously abominable form of art as it absolutely tries to find some sort of appeal for masturbation while others have accepted that it is just an ordinary dance which is not channeled towards negativity but just to help widen the music trade and influence of the singer.

Well, I have decided to make known my opinion on what I feel about the dance and I am going to be quite spontaneous.

Human beings wake up every day to grind and hustle so hard in order to fend for themselves and their families in which Naira Marley is no different. With “Soapy” which to my knowledge is not condemnable under the law of the Federal republic of Nigeria, Naira is only trying to stay relevant in the industry and make sure he milks at best the attention and lime light he currently is enjoying.


Therefore, I feel if we are going to be castigating and persecuting anyone regarding “Soapy,” it shouldn’t be Naira Marley but the persons who have seen the dance as an opportunity to express their immorality, ill-sexual profligacy and licentiousness.


Naira Marley released “Soapy” and he accepts that responsibility, but he certainly cannot be responsible for what you make of the dance. Just like the way the person who invented a gun wouldn’t be responsible for what you do with it.

Source: Joshua Turna Lumi [Lumidy]

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