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10 Things those involve in the Jos music industry should know – ElMore


ElMore, one of Nigeria’s incredible maestro producer took to his Facebook timeline 10 Things those involve in the Jos music industry should know

1. Some Jos base musicians are just too senseless, they wanna make money like wizkid. They ain’t contending with the little they can have from here, u can make money here than some artists in Lagos. E red for most of them lol, how many are even making money from the Lagos self aside the fake life styles ya all don’t know

2. They are not creative in knowing how to make money with their talent, they think it’s just entering studio n jumping on a 5k beat and they will give Hypeman Clement or Imb Kallamu 10 missed call to help hype or blog their jam with abeg

3. They don’t even know the process to take after the song is done, what’s next, who do I meet n all, all they wanna do is disturb their friends to share links on Facebook for them

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4. They don’t know the right style, tempo/bpm (Beat Per Minuite) to use so DJs hardly play their songs. Someone’s tempo is 135 mean while dj go start party from 100bpm n before he gets to ur 135bpm the time the DJ have to play have finished or elapsed.

5. See, how many successful yahoo boys n drug dealers do we have in jos? those yahoo boys n drug dealers in Lagos are sinking mad money into the industry. Who get mind for jos to give u 20m make u promote jam? The last one I knew who they gave 1m finished it on NTA college girls lol.

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6. In Lagos we have wizkid, Olamide, timaya, davido, patoranking, danfo drivers, tekno, wurld n others, all of them doing different styles. Come to jos, everyone wants to kind like Promphizy Pomack Dennis Wonderboy Bizakeem and Eazybillz Oche Ogah
7. They have a management team that thinks n create an avenue to make money from their music, bro if u can make 50k every month as a musician in jos then its a very very very good job. U even have the opportunity to organise events here with little money, try am for Lagos make u see!

8. Check the guys that are making money with music in jos, if they invest their money in weed, low budget drugs n excessive alcohol.

9. Bezalel Ghennaan Wai ,Tije Manari ,berrytunesband, jason n others who did concerts in jos, ask them if they didn’t make profit then also look at their life style. Do they invest in stupid highness? Instead they invested their money n time into music

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10. U must not love urselves as an industry, just work hard n ur enemies will turn into fans, trust me

Make good music n promote it well so that people like Bolcit Patience Barshep and others can put u up on their platforms

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Lumidy (born Joshua Turna Lumi; 14th December) is a Nigerian news carrier blogger, writer, entrepreneur and Actor. He is best known for his blog.


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