Former Plateau South Senator, Senator Jeremiah Useni has forfeited the sum of 1.9 million British pounds hidden in bank accounts on the Island of Jersey. A court in the country ruled on Thursday.

Reports from Premium Times indicate that the account was opened by Useni in 1986 with the name Tim Shani.

In 2016, a probe by the National Security Adviser under then president Obasanjo indicted him.

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In 2001, the Standard Chartered Bank of Jersey wrote him according to report that newly established anti money regulations require that he submit certify copy of his passport.
Responding six months later, he continue to represent himself as Mr Shani and he requested the fund be transferred to a Nigerian bank account, the request was rejected.
In 2003, the account was frozen, after four years of trying to unfreeze the account, he finally admitted ownership of the money in 2007.

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He said he was into transport, hospitality, petrol business , personal saving and property. He said he hid it onshore because of the instability in Nigeria.

The court however said he didn’t provide information about his income between 1980-1990.

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Jersey’s Attorney General argued that the Shani accounts were created to hold, hide, and conceal bribes or other means of corruption by him during the time he was in office.

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